Inspiration #1

Stuff I wish I’d shot

To constantly develop my eye for lighting, pasing, movement and story I try to watch as much of other people’s work as possible. Here I feature some of the stuff that inspires me lately. Just to make fully sure it’s clear – none of this is my work.



This is near perfection. Please watch it fully before you read the notes.
The sound design, lighting, coloring, acting, editing and pacing is all spot on. The soundtrack helps to build an emotional background. I really like how you get the feeling that you’ve seen a full life happen i 3 minutes. Over this time you build so much emotion that you nearly feel like you know this little girl really well, which makes it so much more heartbreaking when you nearly see her die.



This is one of my favorite music videos. The stories are perfectly told and they contain so much feeling of raw genuine youth and lust for life and death. I love how there’s so many very different shots in it that all fit together and form the story without a single line of dialogue. It has a real rebellious uncensored “fuck you” feeling.



I love the simplicity and pacing of this piece and how well it plays together with the slowly rising soundtrack. The look of the anamorphics with the 2x squeeze and their effect on the bokeh gives the background a swirly look that fits perfectly with the spinning fireworks in the background. I also like how they used an old magnifying glass to create the dreamy flashback sequences. This is an effect i see all the time in pieces that i like.



A totally different piece. The colors are spot on. The look of the filmstock is really nice. I really like these tones of color and how the highlight to shadow ratios look. This is the kind of color and texture I hope to render in some of my recent 35mm stills.

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